Ngoc Trinh and colleagues do charity at the Social Work Center of Hoa Binh province

Known to be a very hard-working philanthropist, having just been busy after the two events of Trips To The Top and Racing 2019, Ngoc Trinh continued to make fans warm to see her and the beautiful girls. to volunteering for disadvantaged and disadvantaged people at the Social Work Center of Hoa Binh Province on January 7.

Year end of the New Year comes, while people are hurrying to shop for Tet, happy Spring, somewhere there are still difficult and disadvantaged situations difficult to welcome a warm Tet. Depression and hardship are what describe the New Year to the poor, especially members of the Hoa Binh Social Work Center (Ky Son, Hoa Binh).

On the morning of January 7, 2020, Trust & Smile Group cooperated with Vietbeauty Entertainment to organize a volunteer trip at the beginning of the year called “Sharing Spring, Love Tet” under the sponsorship of GHB Corporation, MLi Vietnam and The Gnartan. It is known that the project has been prepared and incubated for nearly 2 months.

At the visit and giving gifts to the children on the occasion of the Lunar New Year, besides the participation of Ngoc Trinh as the CEO of GHB Corp, there are also Vbiz beauties such as actress – CEO MLi Vietnam Huyen Lizzie, Hoa after Entrepreneur Nguyen Thu Trang, hotgirl – MLi Vietnam Sales Manager Trang Nemo and numerous employees of companies, along with many other beautiful volunteers, they wear simple costumes and uniforms. company, radiantly visited and gave gifts to the disadvantaged at the center.

With the desire to share the worries of the clothes, bring a warm and full New Year to the members at the center on Canh Ty New Year 2020, and light up the hope of a beautiful life ahead. for the little kids that the beauties decided to make a charity trip this time.

At the Center of Social Work of Hoa Binh province on January 7, the beautiful women gave away 212 gifts (each gift worth VND 500,000) to the members here. The action is small but brings a warm joy, full of sharing and love during this Lunar New Year.

For Ngoc Trinh and the beautiful people, this is a familiar activity in every Tet holiday to Spring, as well as every year Ngoc Trinh organizes such meaningful activities in her home country. However, each trip is a different experience, the organization of the hand and giving gifts to the children and the needy are all very touched.

Since becoming the CEO of GHB Corporation – the first professional foreign-invested online distribution system in Vietnam specializing in supplying pharmaceutical products, functional foods and organic cosmetics, Ngoc Trinh increasingly Demonstrate ability and mind in business as well as meaningful volunteer activities.

Previously, these units also regularly organized volunteer activities for the community, such as the warm and warm rice cup in the upland area in Lung Van – Hoa Binh (January 2019); Tet is shared at Trai Phong – Nghe An (January 2019); Wonderful Mid-Autumn Festival at Thuy An – Ba Vi Disability Center (September 2019) …

Sharing the joy of welcoming the new year 2020, in order to spread many positive values ​​to the community and society, we hope that these good values ​​will be spread and replicated so that the coming New Year is loving. .

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