Beautiful people because of the silk and the most gorgeous when finding the right outfit for themselves. Understanding that, with the creativity and diversity in each fashion style that attracts women, a series of fashion brands are launched by THINGO GROUP such as: Reine De Muse, Trend House, The Fashion Center Chain. Gnartan Vietnam …


Based on modern production lines, rare and precious natural ingredients and co-developed with many leading beauty technology countries like Korea. Each beauty product is imported and distributed exclusively by 2 brands GHB Corporation and MLi Vietnam of THINGO GROUP, which are highly appreciated by women from quality to prestige.


Event organization or event organization is an indispensable need in businesses, organizations and unions. THINGO GROUP has regularly spent large amounts of money to organize events and activities of the company in order to bring values, efficiency in the work as well as contribute to the long-term development of the business. .


With the mission of caring for health and beauty for consumers, THINGO GROUP is a unit of research, production and supply of quality functional food products, with clear origin, carefully censored on standards and ingredients that make up a product.