With the mission of caring for health and beauty for consumers, THINGO GROUP is a provider of quality dietary supplement products, with clear origins, carefully censored of standards and each ingredient make up products.

The company always brings customers beauty products that show outstanding results after only a short time. From office ladies, moms to milk, to famous businessmen, even the famous stars in Vietnamese showbiz like Ngoc Trinh, La Thanh Huyen, Bao Anh, Hari Won, … also love to use to stay young chemical and radiant every day. Can include products such as: My Nhan Hoang Cung; Phan Hoa Hoang Cung; Ngoc Nhu Nuong; Beauty Plus; Nuggets Herbslim; Herbslim Germ; Collagen Schon,…

THINGO GROUP always ensures the quality, prestige and safety for users, always dedicated to serving customers with the desire to care, enhance and protect the health and beauty of customers comprehensively.

In order for the company’s prestige products to reach the customers, THINGO GROUP always welcomes more domestic and foreign distributors and distribution channels.